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L8000B Tactical bag kit

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Materials: Special waterproof and wearable fabric

Features: the whole bag adopts the inner strap design, which can be carried easily and comfortably. The first layer can be putted 1.handcuff、2.tear spayer、3.cutproof gloves、4.drinking water、5.extendable baton、6.police canteen 、7.first-aid packet、8.flashlight、9.compressed biscuit . The second layer can be putted raincoat, boots, shoe bags(10) and other personal equipment. The outer and inner parts of the bag are equipped with modular ribbon ', which can adjust the position of all fittings according to the usage habit. The front of the bag can be customized with fluorescent Velcro label according to the customer's requirements.

size(Length x width x height:33x45x20cm

L8000B Tactical bag kit
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L8000B Tactical bag kit