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About us

About us

As the production base of Ever Armed Forces Equipment Co. (Hong Kong), Rijiu Police Equipment Co., Ltd. has become an economic entity. We have established the normative management system with the technologically advanced equipment and professional talents. As a rising enterprise, we have certified by ISO90001 and ISO14001. Meanwhile, for several years hard working, we have become one of the contract abiding & trustworthy enterprises in Quanzhou City, the unit member of the professional police equipments Standardization Technical committee of Ministry of Public Security as well as a member of the security product information centre of Ministry of Public Security.

According to the standard of international advanced police equipment and the domestic police working features, we have developed dozens of patented products, such as duty belt system, holster, S.W.A.T series, protective devices, flashlight with waterproof, and etc. All these products especially the duty belt systems are sold well and well received by most Public Security Bureaus.

We work actively to establish business relationship with many police equipment enterprises both home and broad in order to achieve common progress. Overseas market has become a major part in our business. We successfully developed 9mm revolver holster assigned by Ministry of Public Security. Training is critical to a successful implementation. Our workers take part in many training courses to improve professional knowledge. 

“Quality first, service upmost” is our philosophy. We set many offices in different places as to give our customer a good after-sales service in time. High-quality、perfect service are our purpose. We will make every effort to take the responsibility for maintaining public security and establishing the harmonious society.