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L8032F The strong light flashlight

product description

Materials: adopt exquisite appearance design, high brightness imported LED light source, aviation aluminum alloy shell and high performance lithium ion battery (equipped with charger and vehicle charger).

Functional features: All moving parts are designed with built-in sealing rings, so it has strong light, waterproof, impact resistance, anti-smash, long service life and high safety. Anti-rolling, strong and weak light exposure. The front-end of the flashlight is designed with an attack head, which has the function of stop attacking and self-protecting.

Battery voltage: 3.7V;cycle life:>1000 cycles ;Brightness:> 120LM;Intense Light Continuous Lighting Time:> 5hours Product Specification: 150 mm long * handle 26 mm;weight 178 g (without battery). 

L8032F The strong light flashlight
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L8032F The strong light flashlight