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L9032A New Training Shoes

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1. The upper is made of authentic first-layer cattle hide, which is delicate, soft and has strong flexibility.

2. Upper mesh adopts brand breathable mesh and odor-proof.           

3. The sole is made of double A rubber sole, which is wear-resistant, non-slippery and slightly elastic.           

4. The insoles are made of high elastic SEAGLASS insoles, which are breathable and odor-proof.           

5. High elastic silk light is used in the upper combination, and the elasticity is strong and does not absorb water.           

6. The bottom combination adopts the brand resin Nanguangwhich has passed the certification of ISO 9001 system.           

•Functional features:light and comfortable,air permeability and vibration reduction,wear resistance and skid resistance,can effectively reduce physical consumption.

•In terms of design:

1. Shoe last used outdoor casual shoes two and a half shoe last, 40 yards shoe last length is 26 centimeters, circumference is 24.5 centimet-ers,rear height is 75 centimeters.           

2. Comfortable reinforcing is applied to the heel of the toe.           

3. The design of shoe mouth adopts the design style of casual shoes. 

L9032A  New Training Shoes
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L9032A New Training Shoes