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L9096 G3 Grey combat suit

product description

•Colour: Urban Grey Hidden Colour/WG           

•Weight: about 1.55KG           

•Fabric: coat 50% cotton 50% polyester fiber ;Pants 50% Cotton 50% Polyester Fiber           

•Product highlights:

Top: Double Arm Bag & new design of pen pocket ; Flexible Magic Stick with Arm Bag ; Reinforcement design of multi-layer wear-resistant nylon at elbow position ;

Trousers:Unique magic buckle  with waist adjusting design;Stable water bottle/magazine design in each cargo pocket ;Rope-typed kneepad height adjustment system in front thigh pocket with removable G3 Airflex Combat Knee Protector ;Built-in cover patches over knee areas when without using knee pads. Unique Angle-inserting crotch suture ;Hidden hip back zipper pocket ;Enlarged long cloth board at back waist, more stress in transverse pulling ;Super large front thigh pocket ;Double hip cushion reinforcement ;These pants are specially designed for intense sports.Special 2 inch waist incremental activity design is convenient for you to quickly get up and down adapting in real combat.Rebound knee and unique filling waist design bring you flexibility.Up to 10 pockets are available for quick adaptation to different needs in various environments. Cooperate with G3 quick disassembly combat kneepad to make your special operation safe. 35/65 durable 4-way plaid, wear-resistant and tear-resistant. The adjustable design of trouser legs magic sticker is convenient and safe. G3's unique adjustable waist function is unprecedented.

L9096 G3 Grey combat suit
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L9096 G3 Grey combat suit