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How to identify fake crime scene

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Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Science and approved by the Ministry of Public Security Equipment & Finance Bureau, Public Security Bureau and the First Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security's "Fourth China International Police Equipment Exhibition" opened today in the Expo will continue until the 19th. Ministry of Public Security Party Committee, Deputy Minister Bai Jingfu, Vice Minister of Public Security Liu Jinguo party members and leadership of relevant ministries and public security throughout the country on behalf of about 800 people invited to attend the opening ceremony.

Expo to showcase new technology, new equipment, new programs for the purpose of promoting the development of the domestic industry as the target of police equipment, showcases the police helicopter, special police vehicles, police weapons, non-lethal weapons, police and other drug equipment all kinds of police equipment, divided into the International Hall, security EOD Museum, Museum of protection and police equipment, non-lethal weapons museum, criminal and Technology Museum, Museum of special vehicles, police helicopter museum, museum and other eight galleries alarm lights, international exhibition which covers nearly 30 percent. Police Equipment Expo to manufacturers and dealers to provide a full display of police performance and service platform for domestic and foreign police equipment among manufacturers, distributors and procurement unit built a bridge to interact.

The fair attracted more than 300 exhibitors from the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, Finland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Russia, the United States and China and other 16 countries and regions.

How to identify fake crime scene