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Attend the Third China International Police Equipment Exhibition

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24-27 May 2006, the Third China International Exhibition on Police Equipment Exhibition was held in Beijing, China. 24th 10:00 am opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Public Security Liu attended and spoke. Central ministries and state organs, the PLA and the armed police headquarters headquarters, led the Chinese public security organs and the Beijing authorities, the foreign guests and diplomats in Beijing, more than 1,000 delegates and foreign guests were invited to attend and participate in the opening ceremony.

Third China International Police Equipment Exhibition, the People's Republic of China Ministry of Public Security, People's Republic of China Ministry of Science and approved by the Ministry of Public Finance Bureau of the equipment, the Ministry of Public Security Bureau and the First Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security organized by Ministry of Public Security first research The Hong Kong and China into the company's co-host, China Jing An Import & Export Corporation co. This is the only international Police Equipment Exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of Public Security. Participate in the exposition of countries and regions in Belgium, China and Hong Kong, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Belarus, exhibition area of ??nearly 30,000 square meters, More than 300 exhibitors, the size of the Asia-Pacific region called the most.

Biennial held in Beijing China International Police Equipment Exhibition, under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Security is the third this year. Her success to learn about the latest technological achievements of international police equipment and the procurement of advanced technology and equipment exchange platform for Chinese public security organs, resulting in a strong reaction in China's public security organs and police equipment products in the industry at home and abroad.

At present, China is in a critical period of reform and opening up and development of a crucial stage, stable social factors influence increased, intelligent crime, violent intensity increase, criminal means renovation, aggravated terrorism task explosion urgent need to strengthen public security and equipment. In the process of realization of public security equipment modernization, China should not only rely on their own capabilities and technologies, but also to learn and the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment to improve the public security organs found, control and disposal capacity. Chinese Ministry of Public Security attaches great importance to exchanges and cooperation with well-known foreign companies in terms of police equipment, especially in the anti-terrorism emergency response, explosive ordnance disposal with violence, nonfatal police exchanges and cooperation in terms of weapons and use of personal protective equipment such as police.

For the Third China International Police Equipment Exhibition accomplishing domestic and foreign counterparts to meet again in Beijing event, Fair "high-quality, high-profile, high efficiency" for the purpose, the use of a number of media exposition, inviting , organization and leadership at all levels of national administrations police equipment, professional and technical staff to visit, as well as Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East and other countries to China to visit the exposition industry decision-makers.

The fair exhibitors include: police weapons, police armed with, police protection products, police vehicles, police communication with the command center, criminal investigation techniques, Action Technologies, police uniforms, police uniforms material apparel.

During the Expo, the Ministry of Public Police Aviation Administration Office jointly organized with the organizing committee, "a police helicopter Application Forum" in Beijing Xindadu use.

Attend the Third China International Police Equipment Exhibition