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To attend the Second China International Police Equipment Exhibition

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2004 23 to 26 June invited to attend our Second China International Police Equipment Exhibition, by the Ministry of Public Security Equipment & Finance Bureau, the Security Bureau, the first research institute sponsored the "Second China International Police Equipment Exhibition and Seminar "held in Beijing. This is the only Chinese, but also China's most authoritative international Police Equipment Exhibition, Ministry of Public Security Police Equipment Exhibition held the second year in Beijing, once again attracted wide attention from the international counterparts. Participate in the exposition of countries and regions: Italy, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Singapore, the United States, Canada, Britain, the Netherlands, Brazil, Austria, Australia, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Russia, South Korea, Japan and China, Hong Kong, nearly 260 Chinese and foreign exhibitors, the exhibition area of ??over 20,000 square meters. Exhibition of products include: police weapons, police armed with, security equipment, police vehicles, police communication products, products criminal investigation, anti-terrorism and special explosion-proof equipment, uniforms, police uniforms and clothing and other materials. Participate in the exposition of five offshore helicopter company, in addition to product model shows in the exhibition hall, the committee also Badaling Airport, organizations invited to Beijing to visit the Expo on behalf of the local public security field flight demonstration.

At present, the work is ready Expo, the organizing committee will warmly welcome all over the country public, prosecutors, law front of colleagues to Beijing to visit, study, guidance. To this end, the Ministry Ming Chuan telegram to lower provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and cities made a visit to Beijing to notice. As the fair is open to trade visitors only, visitors must present himself to Beijing Jing Guanzheng or valid documents (work permit) to visit the exhibition site to handle the formalities.

Police Equipment modernization is a good basis to protect the majority of police officers perform their duties. The growing social demand for police equipment products industry has brought great business opportunities. The fair organizers said, by the success of Police Equipment Exhibition, in order to achieve seize opportunities, meet challenges, strengthen exchanges, exchange information, work together, and to push Chinese police equipment products and police equipment industry's rapid development comprehensively improve the level.

To attend the Second China International Police Equipment Exhibition