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Beijing Seventh Beijing International Police Equipment Exhibition

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May 2014, I was invited to participate in the Seventh Division of the Beijing International Police Equipment Exhibition held in Beijing. The exhibition is the result of People's Republic of China Ministry of Public Security, People's Republic of China Ministry of Science, PLA General Armament Department approved by the Ministry of Public Security Equipment & Finance Bureau, Ministry of Public Security Bureau, Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau, Public Security Bureau of International Cooperation SECURITY First Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security Evidence Identification Center hosted an international equipment exposition.
China International Police Equipment Exhibition for the first time since 2002, held in Beijing in Beijing, has been held for the sixth, which have been expanding, international and domestic counterparts attention, increasingly showing the international trend. Currently, dramatic changes in the international situation, international terrorism has become an important factor endangering national social security. To all peoples causing significant loss of life and severe trauma. With China's further integration into the international community, terrorism and protect public safety has been a high degree of Chinese government. As Chinese and international police equipment industry event, communication between China and the world has become a bridge of communication of police equipment products. The successful holding of the Expo to promote the development of China's police equipment industry, to improve the level of modernization of police equipment plays an important role.
Police Equipment and technology modernization is not only a basic guarantee for the majority of police officers perform their duties well, and growing social demand for police equipment products industry has brought great business opportunities. Let us seize opportunities, meet challenges, strengthen exchanges, exchange information, work together to promote the rapid development of police equipment products industry, to improve the level of police equipment modernization and building a moderately prosperous society, actively building a socialist harmonious society to make greater contribution.








Beijing Seventh Beijing International Police Equipment Exhibition