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To attend the Fifth China International Police Equipment Exhibition

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The Fifth China International Police Equipment Exhibition in Beijing Exhibition Hall April 21, 2010, nearly 300 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions will showcase their latest police equipment products.

Vice Minister of Public Security, China International Police Equipment Exhibition Organizing Committee Liu at the opening ceremony that I believe that through this fair will be held, will further enhance security awareness of the whole society, expanding Chinese police equipment market for domestic Police Equipment Manufacturers outside to create greater opportunities to provide conditions for the exchanges and cooperation between the parties and the relevant professionals, thus promoting the Chinese police equipment has made great progress.

It is understood that the exposition's theme is "to achieve a harmonious social peace, international security and build a line of defense" with protective equipment, police equipment, non-lethal weapons and equipment, security equipment, EOD equipment, criminal technology and equipment, Police lighting, police vehicles and integrated equipment and other nine pavilions.

On the exposition, high point of the police have appeared with products and technologies. BMW unveiled the new bulletproof car, Switzerland B & T company showed riot guns and 40 mm caliber ammunition series, Brazil demonstrated non-lethal weapons and equipment. The fair also first set up the new equipment Gallery. "Chinese New Police Equipment Exhibition Hall" to show the scale of 1000 square meters, show categories include special vehicles, police weapons and equipment, police equipment, protective equipment, automotive equipment, surveillance equipment and uniforms forensics 7 categories.

According to the briefing, held once every two years, China International Police Equipment Exhibition, International Police Equipment Exhibition is sponsored by the Ministry of Public Security. Since first held in 2002 in Beijing, it has successfully held the fourth. In recent years, the increasing scale of exposition influence increasingly wide range of professional, international character and more prominent, has become an important brand of international police equipment show.

Fifth China International Police Equipment Exhibition, by the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Science and approved by the General Armament Department, sponsored by the Ministry of Public Security Equipment & Finance Bureau, Public Security Bureau and the First Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security First Research Institute of China into Hong Kong Limited Company contractors, run for 21 to 24 April.






To attend the Fifth China International Police Equipment Exhibition