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After-sales service


After-sales service

| Subject to the following conditions, you can request a replacement
1. Upon receipt of the goods the customer face to face in front of courier unpacking, the goods are found quality problems; customers face to face require delivery personnel to return the goods, then contact us. We will provide you redeliver the goods arrive time extended.
2. The actual receipt of goods is very different with the description on the website. Customers are required within three days of receipt of goods, returned please provide the date of receipt voucher, express or sale of the Notes List so that we can check whether the merchandise returned in the period.
| Subject to the following conditions, you can request a return
1. Client within two days after receipt of the goods, found goods have obvious manufacturing defects;
2. goods after a replacement but there are still quality problems;
3. Due to our commitment to human causes than 7 days of arrival do not receive the goods.
Return Process: customer within two days after receipt of the goods to contact us, we will within three working days by bank transfer to your money back.
| In the following cases we have the right to refuse the customer's return requirements
1. Goods appear damaged, but did not spot delivery personnel replacement requirements at the time of receipt;
2. Return period return exceeds requirements;
3. Return was incomplete or the appearance of damage;
4. Customer shipping documents missing or incomplete;
5. The product is not us;
6. goods itself does not have quality problems.